Estate agent advertising ideas

6 amazing real estate marketing ideas

Have you ever thought about the competition real estate marketing agents face? Hey! They’re not alone. Several other businesses and investment opportunities have so many big wigs and giants, making it seem like there’s not opportunity for the new and not-so-big ones. Get this; as an estate marketing agent, you just need to stand out of the competition, and wham! You’re good to go with strengthened marketing efforts. Meanwhile, here are some real estate agent marketing ideas you can’t afford to miss

  1. Increase your picture quality – when you do things the same way others do, you’ll not stand out. Your photo quality tells much about your marketing ideas and ability to close deals. Anyone can easily tell the difference between quality photos and hurriedly snapped ones. In your listings, ensure you use high-quality photos – this entices potential sellers and buyers to engage and possibly close deals with you. You can easily hire top class photographers to get you brilliant photos for your listings.
  2. Get active on Social platforms – a lot of untapped and unharnessed market lies on social platforms. In fact, growing your business through social media is one of the real estate marketing ideas that many brokers and agents are yet to tap into. Most of your potential buyers and sellers are on different social media platforms. Have you reached out to them? When you want to do this, posting only your listings may be boring to those who have no prior idea of your niche. Do well to add value-oriented contents along with your listings; this can bring in more potential buyers and sellers.
  3. Overhaul your database – If you had taken a close look, you’d agree that sometimes, your database gets worn out, and all your efforts to reach out to them and close deals seem futile. Here’s it; one of the estate agent marketing ideas you need to put into action now is cleaning up your database. Ensure your database is relevant to your business, as it causes increased email deliverability and improved engagement. Once in a while, take out time to remove unsubscribe requests and overhaul your database.
  4. Create Killer contents – Don’t just create ordinary contents that present little or no value to the readers. Whether you’re honing your focus on those who have been in the market for years or clients who are not in the market presently, take your time to craft informative and engaging contents that shake readers into taking actions.
  5. Monitor your competitors closely – Do you know your competitors’ next step? While you try to make your business stand out, keep an eye on your competitors’ activities and how they’re embracing new ideas. What are other agents close to you doing? Are they more focused on their websites or social media? What’s their next big step? When you spend some time study and coming up with factual answers to these types of questions, you can easily craft ways to outsmart them. Avoid your competitor’s mistakes; try to stand out and in some cases replicate their success.
  6. Host free seminars once in a while – One good thing about giving out values is that it pays when you least expect. Sharing a few ideas and tips with other people about buying and selling homes can be a way of positioning yourself as an expert, making prospects come to you. For many people, they must get some free values before investing or paying for value. Though it might not come easily, take up the challenge; organize one or more free seminars, share some ideas, and market yourself lastly.

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