Estate Agent Lead Generation

Estate agent lead generation


All estate agents wish it could be much easier to generate leads for vendor to gain new listings, but its just not that easy anymore. With so much competition out their online now days its becoming increasingly more difficult to do lead generation for their estate agent.


So what do they do. ?

Well when it comes to lead generation for estate agents they try lots of different methods such as leaflet dropping , email campaigns , online advertising ect ect . But you know what the main issue with all these methods are ?

Yes that’s right so much competition. !


Estate agents

So lets assume you’re an estate agent owner reading this right now, what would you be thinking , if I said their was a way you could leads of homeowners who are thinking about selling some point soon but have not yet even approached 1 single estate agent ?

You would ask where do I sign right ? yep!


Well that’s what we offer, we specialise in estate agent lead generation on an exclusive model.

How ?

What we do is buy in very targeted data of your exact post codes and criteria, then have our junior telemarking team call them to find out if they would like a free valuation, and consider selling. Each lead is then passed to a senior person who verifies it is a genuine qualified lead before passing it on to the estate agent.


This means you can have the golden ticket as if you are good at your job gaining new property listings. What to say you cant go to see each lead , and close the listing there and then before they have even seen any other of your competitors , and even better get a sole agreement so they cant.



To sum things up, estate agent lead generation is a tough one and don’t get me wrong you will have to pay the price for these leads which is completely bespoke depending on a number of factors. We always price well when you think of what your getting and what your making out of each sale.


If you’re an established estate agent or newbie then get in touch and we can give you a tailored quote , in the hope of a long term relationship together!.

Its really tough for estate agents to get new listings because of all the competition. That’s why is so important to get leads .No not any old leads, you need good qualified leads which can convert into a listing and then a sale.

So important that you get listings of properties which you know you can sell, and not any old properties.





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