We help you find the right mortgage.

First time buyer mortgage

If you need a mortgage and you’re a first-time buyer than this is the right place for you. Think of us as the middle man between a first-time buyer and the mortgage brokers, were kind of like a broker for mortgage brokers if that makes sense.

We make a hard job much easier.

So, you are finding it tough or not sure how to go about getting a new mortgage, so what we do is find out a few vital details from you before scanning our large panel of mortgage brokers to find one that will have the strongest chance of helping you secure that perfect property. Once we have all the details we need about your property search, we will often speak directly to the short list of mortgage brokers to make sure they are the right fit for you before passing your details over for them to get in contact directly. With your permission of course.


Finding the right mortgage broker.

Once the property network has filtered the mortgage brokers for you, usually between 2 & 3 will then give you a call to go over a much more in-depth mortgage application to find you the right lender and package. You should consider that we charge the mortgage brokers to have access to your contact details. And this is very good as it filters out all the brokers who are not so sure they are able to help you. Leaving only the brokers who feel they have a very strong chance of securing you a mortgage contacting you. As this can be a very time-consuming process on the telephone with lots of brokers so we try to filter and cut this down as much as possible before you speak to anyone.

It’s always hard for first time buyers to get the right mortgage if any mortgage. Therefore, the property network is so passionate about helping as many first timer buyers as we can to finding the right mortgage advisors and brokers for their property search.


Not your first property purchase?

If this is going to be second home or buy to let property investments for yourself, then don’t worry as we have plenty of brokers for that too, so just complete one of our “need a mortgage ” forms below or on our contact page and one of our very friendly property experts will contact you usually within 2 hours of receiving your enquiry.


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