High-quality insurance leads delivered directly to you

There are millions of people searching for insurance online every year, but how do you target the most qualified leads?

Whether you’re selling

Car insurance
home insurance
Life insurance
Health insurance

the hardest part of your business is likely to be finding quality insurance leads.

The question is: how do you find the people who actually want your product without wasting precious hours sifting through unsuitable prospects?

Is it possible to get hold of qualified leads who aren’t being bombarded by several competitors?

With First Marketing Agency, the answer is YES!

We pride ourselves on helping you get in front of the best prospects before your competition does.

Our tailored social advertising software uses a meticulous human filtering system to deliver fully-qualified leads directly to you.

We will:

Use our advanced social media filtering systems to target leads based on your ideal demographic

Push these individuals to a live electronic chat with a member of our team, who qualify their suitability for your product

Filter out the time-wasters and deliver the most qualified prospects directly to you.

You’ll be dealt targeted leads who are looking to buy insurance now.

Exclusive leads

Exclusive insurance leads are sold just to you, instead of multiple sources. They won’t be overwhelmed with offers from your competitors. These leads will cost you more, but there’s less competition for their business and therefore a greater opportunity to close the deal.

Lead Volume & Delivery

With First Marketing Agency, we set a minimum of 25 leads per order but no timely contract. We’ll spread your leads over a time to suit you best. Whether you want one lead per day or five leads per day, that’s what we’ll deliver to you.

Filter customers by demographics

Our intelligent filtering system lets you seek out the customers best suited to your product. You can filter leads by age, gender and location, or dive even deeper and search based on health information.

Hassle-free leads delivered to you

Finding the best leads doesn’t have to be a strain on your time. At First Rung Now, we eliminate the hassle, so you can focus on other areas of your business. If you want to make changes to your insurance lead generation, it’s simple to get in contact.

We don’t just hunt down quality insurance leads

Lead generation is the core of our business, but we can go further.

Our digital marketing experts teach your insurance business how to generate your own leads.

Here is the full list of services we offer to insurance companies.

Lead Generation

If you don’t have a steady flow of high-quality leads, you don’t have a business.

We’ll generate social media leads for your insurance company based on your ideal demographic.

Our human filtering systems ensure the most qualified insurance leads are delivered to you, while our digital auction system ensures you never overpay.

Lead Generation Development

We can transform your digital marketing efforts, so that leads are stampeding to your website.

We’ll improve your SEO, web design and social media marketing, allowing you to effortlessly appear in front of your target audience.

What’s more, we’ll show you how to create eye-catching calls-to-action that compel them to become customers.

We’ll work with you to discover exactly what you need to drive more customers to your website. Together, we’ll create a winning marketing strategy for a self-sustainable insurance business.

What’s more, we’ll keep monitoring your campaign, providing updates as your business grows!


One of our brand consultants will visit you at your office to work alongside your marketing team and deliver a masterclass on generating your own leads. It’s the most guaranteed action to ensure your insurance company has a prosperous long-term future.

It only takes a few minutes to get set up and start working with us. Whether you’re looking for insurance lead generation, insurance web design or another form of insurance online marketing, get in touch!