Stop wasting time and money on ineffective lead generation

The average business wastes a jaw-dropping amount of time and money on weak leads.

Imagine throwing a huge stack of £10 and £20 notes at people who have ZERO INTEREST in your business.

Your marketing budget being swept away in the wind, thanks to a muddled-together lead generation strategy.

Many marketing professionals believe this is a necessary evil…

Perhaps they’re right (to an extent)

Yet, the epidemic of wasted pounds through substandard lead generation can be completely avoided.

At First Marketing Agency, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality leads to financial business for a fair price.

Rather than letting you sift through the time-wasters yourself, we do the legwork for you.

We use advanced social media search searching tools to target your ideal customer, then communicate with them personally to qualify their suitability for your product.

Our experts can also teach you the advanced techniques to attract more qualified leads without our help.

Stop settling for below-average leads and learn how the experts get it done.

Our social media marketing system helps take your lead generation to the next level.

Our social media lead generation service is the core of our business – and for good reason.

There are billions of prospects active on social media everyday, and these platforms have powerful search systems that allows you to find your ideal customer with ease.

You can spread your net as wide or thin as you deem necessary, but we’d recommend targeting a highly specific demographic.

We’ll help create a lead magnet that sparks the interest of this audience, then contact each of the individuals that have shown interest, via electronic chat.

Our marketing experts will communicate with these leads to determine how qualified they are for your product. It’s our way of filtering out the time-wasters and only delivering the high-quality leads that you’re after.

We’ve helped to transform the fortunes of various financial businesses with this model. It has been used to track down individuals on the hunt for mortgages, pensions, equity release, insurance and more…

With a few tweaks of the search system, we can deliver your ideal prospects today.


A highly customisable, highly effective lead generation system

We’ll work closely with your team to ensure you’re getting the leads your business needs.

If you’re after exclusive leads, so you can communicate with customers that haven’t been overwhelmed with enquiries from competitors, we can deliver them. These leads will cost you more, but there’s a better opportunity to close the deal.

If you’re looking for the “high-risk high-reward” leads, typically found in the insurance categories, they’re yours. If you’d rather avoid these individuals, that can be arranged too.

You can spread your delivery of leads at a speed that best suits you. Whether you want one lead per day or a much faster delivery, we’ll make it happen.

When you want to make a quick tweak to your lead generation strategy, get in touch and we’ll implement it immediately.

Without an effective lead generation system, you’re business isn’t self-sustainable.

If you’re sick and tired of dealing with ineffective lead generation, get in touch with the experts.

We’ll explain further what we can do to take your business to the next level – and can get you started with a new batch of high-quality leads in a flash.