mortgage leads conversion rates is what you want right?

We want to make mortgage brokers and advisers lives much easier. You probably already read that we offer all types of mortgage leads from buy to let to mortgaging. But essentially lead generation is what we specialise in with a big goal being to deliver the best conversion rates we can. We keep hearing about estate agents brokers under pressure of surviving with all the online competition. And I guess that’s the beauty of the mortgage industry, it doesn’t require a physical premises and therefor business will only increase.

Why is good time to be a mortgage broker  ?

Because their are more and more people flooding into the uk to take advantage of all its benefits. And this only results in more demand for purchasing a property which you can not do without a mortgage.  So if your a mortgage broker or thinking of becoming one then its definitely a good time to start.

You probably keep seeing or hearing people say its so hard to get a on the property ladder these days . Well its not as easy as 123 but its not as hard as climbing mountain Everest, that’s for sure !.

So why we feel so optimistic about getting on the property ladder ?

Well their certainly are many options which are not available at the moment which were 20 years ago. But that’s doesn’t mean their are not other options available to first time buyers. For a start their a shared ownership options now days which was not available before . This is a great way to get onto the property even if you only own 40/50% of the property, is that not better than renting and paying someone else’s mortgage? of course it is .

Another great option if the help to buy scheme , which is also known as Help to Buy equity loan scheme. So ill explain in simple terms how it works . So we all know you need around 20/25% deposit these days to get on the property ladder , so how would you feel if new you could get a property with a 5% deposit ?. You would be pretty happy right , well now you can.  So effectively the bank will give you a loan for the additional 20% needed to acquire the mortgage , and some like nationwide are currently offering a 5 years interested free period on this loan . So you will pay a separate payment each month to the bank for the loan on top of your mortgage repayments. And obviously if you sell the property you will need to repay the outstanding debt on the equity loan too.

This is also great for the mortgage brokers because it makes things easier when doing our lead generation for them.






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