We consider ourselves one of the most trusted Mortgage lead providers in the UK

When you’re searching for mortgage lead providers in the UK you want to make sure that you’re choosing the right company.


The first thing is where the company is based, there are plenty of companies that advertise themselves to be in London or in the UK. But in matter-of-fact they are based outside the UK just trying to gain more trust. It may be a uk number but try to listen if it’s a funny ringing tone like when you ring overseas, normally a delay etc. Also, if funny delay then someone who is clearly not English native language then probably a very high chance they are located outside the UK. Now this company maybe a very genuine company, we are not disputing that at all. But its important for you to know as you may not want to do business with a company outside the UK.


So, after you’ve established that the right mortgage leads provider UK  then you can move onto the next most important thing. This would be to find out exactly how they intend to charge you for the Leads. Because their is no point getting into lengthy conversation with the company sending emails back and forth to only find out that the minimum order is £5000. You may be willing to invest this sort of money, but we would suggest if you have not done any business with the company in question before, then to test the water as they say, dip you’re toe in first. After being in the mortgage leads business for over 10 years, We would highly suggest that you look at companies just like ours who offer a win-win scenario for you.


Let me explain what a win-win scenario looks like. Have you heard of something called CPL cost per lead?. Well this is probably the most cost-effective way to purchase any type of lead. We’ve always looked at this in a way where if a company is not prepared to sell you leads on a CPL basis then they can’t be that confident. So the quality they are going to be delivering to you might not be as promised.

Cost per lead is the way forward

This might be an appropriate time for us to give you the good news about firstrungnow.com also known as the property network. We only sell leads on a CPL model because we truly do know the quality of the Leads that we provide. Plus were not interested in a one-off order from any company so if the Leads are not working out for a client then that’s no good to us as an organisation. It would be nearly impossible for any lead provider to survive purely on generating new business, as their is no life in that.

Nearly There

Okay so you’ve established where the company is based, and you’ve established the mortgage leads providers costing model.  You’ve found out the company in question minimum orders. Okay so you’re nearly there, there is just one more thing.  Very important thing you need to find out, any ideas.?

Many companies who specialise in generating leads for mortgages try to reduce their own risk by selling the same leads on to several different companies, and that’s no good.

Exclusive mortgage leads

So, the final role of investigation to different Leads providers is to find out whether they will sell you the Leads exclusively or not. You might find that all the other boxes are ticked, and this last one is not. Unless the price is significantly less than other companies Leads then it’s certainly not worth the risk of purchasing leads that are sold to several other companies. In our opinion this defeats the whole objective of investing your money into a leads provider in the first place.

Summary before buying your next mortgage leads

Make sure to get some written confirmation of everything we discussed above to reduce your risk of not getting what you have been promised. After ticking all these boxes there is not much more you can do apart from  do a test trial investment with the mortgage leads supplier in question. whether that be us or another company.

This summary on how to purchase the best mortgage Leads is merely to educate mortgage brokers or advisers much more on how mortgage leads providers generally operate in the uk. But I guess All in all we hope you do come on board with us for the long term. Because once you’ve establish the quality of our leads it’s extremely unlikely you will go anywhere else. 🙂

If for any reason you already decided your going with a different company, all we ask is you follow our guidelines here to help reduce your risk as much as possible, and at the same time increasing the possibility of a good return on your investment.